Time Management is not a Luxury – It’s Your Job.

Time Management

Sep 7, 2019

I help time-starved leaders take back control, and use their energy to move their business forward.


Executives come to me when:

•  they feel stressed-out, overworked, and that they’ve lost control of their time

•  they’re spending more time putting out fires than working on strategic priorities, often trying to do the important work at home because it won’t get done at the office

•  the amount they work is affecting their personal life, or even their health


They are sick and tired of working this way

They’ve tried countless one-size-fits-all productivity hacks. And none of it has worked.

They know that “time management” isn’t enough.


There is a solution

After working with me to understand root causes – and finally resolve them for good, they:

•  have the peace of mind that comes from being the leader their organization needs

•  are more successful, growing their business with more ease

•  work a more reasonable schedule and find balance across the important areas in their life


Most importantly,

Executives now have the tools they need to maintain control in the future, as their role and business continues to change.


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As an executive coach, Karie brings over 25 years of experience in the corporate world as a senior leader and coach. Working with individuals and teams, she excels at providing measurable ROI as she partners with leaders and executives who are striving to reach their next level of greatness and find more joy in their work.

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