Have a specific goal? Let’s get you there.



100-Day Kick Start:

No matter how ready you are, new roles present challenging learning curves. Whether you are new to the organization, role, team or project, you want to quickly deliver sustainable results and intentionally build your reputation. In this program, you will establish the priorities for that critical first 100 days, build an actionable plan, and systematically achieve your goals. The focus provided by the 100-day plan will help you to integrate effectively, build key relationships, accelerate personal growth, present yourself the way you want to, and make early and impactful contributions. And we won’t forget the rest of your life – the holistic approach helps you to create the balance you want right from day one.


100-Day Boost

Don’t underestimate the value of applying a focussed plan, even when you are already well-settled into your role. Whether you want to refine your vision, refocus your energy, improve your level contribution, improve a working relationship, use your time better, find more work-life balance, or just give yourself a motivational boost, this program can provide just that.

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